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Auditing Services


Bruce Harrell and Company uses ProSystem fx Engagement audit software from CCH to perform our audits.  This software allows us to develop our audit procedures and to manage your financial data in a comprehensive and efficient manner, which can foster a long term audit partnership to identify your key risks and implement specific testing to address those risks.


The financial audit of governmental and other entities requires a working knowledge and understanding of computer programs and controls.  Our staff has experience in the operation, design and implementation of general ledger, inventory control, payroll, utility billing, purchase order and payables computer applications, including the latest barcode and point-of-sale technologies.  Our general approach has been to advise in the acquisition of, and to assist in the implementation of such systems. Bruce Harrell and Associates will provide follow-up counseling for program operation and increased internal control.



Bruce Harrell and Company offers:


  • Audit, Review, Compilation: Government Agencies, Businesses and Non-Profits

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

  • Internal Control Analyses

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