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Practice Areas



We offer a variety of accounting services for clients who wish to minimize "in-office" record keeping procedures or who have need for additional accounting capabilities.  Services include, among others, consulting, projections, and special analyses of financial statements and records for the purpose of identifying and correcting problems.


We employ state-of-the-art computer technology in the preparation of monthly (or other periodic) financial statements, payroll and sales tax reports, and numerous other services.  The freedom from the expense and problems of "in-house" personnel and the certainty of meeting tax filing deadlines (while maintaining the availability of controllership capabilities "by-the-hour") are extremely popular services for the small or medium-sized business, professional, or governmental entity.



At least 60% of the firm's resources are devoted to providing audit, review and compilation services to governmental units and business entities in a wide variety of industries.  BHC's audit team has the education, training, and experience to provide these services efficiently with a minimum of disruption to our clients’ offices and operating routines.


For efficiency and cost effectiveness, we tailor our auditing techniques to each client after considering the effectiveness of the client's internal accounting controls, the composition of their assets and liabilities, the significant revenue sources, and the nature of expenditures.  We strive to work with our clients on a practical level considering their particular methods of doing business.



Tax and Tax Planning


We offer income tax and information return preparation for corporations, partnerships, fiduciaries, nonprofit organizations, and individuals as standard services.  The firm also represents clients during examinations of returns by taxing authorities.  We use state-of-the-art computer software and laser printers for the preparation of federal and state returns for clients.  Additionally, we subscribe to the latest CD-ROM and “on-line” research services so that we can respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs.


In addition to income taxes, the firm has an extensive practice in the complex areas of estate planning, the preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns, and employee benefit planning and reporting.

Computer Services

In this everchanging financial and technological world, it is more important than ever to keep your accounting software up to date. Bruce Harrell and Company provides on-location system analysis, plus software updates and hardware upgrades.

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